Free Code Review (Free)   

Free code review is an app where you can submit any code, design or programming related inquiries and I will review then and answer them for free! I am doing free code reviews because I am passionate about software development and I care about clean code. As a software development professional, I am willing to share my knowledge to current and future software developers to improve our industry as a whole. I am a big fan of Robert C. Martin and I have read a good number of his books from cover to cover. My favorites are Clean Code, Clean Architecture and The Clean Coder. I highly recommend every software development professional to read these books. They are must reads. They instantly made me a better developer. Software these days has a lot at stake. A lot of people depend on software, for business critical data, for medical systems, even the brakes in your car are run by software! As such, it is important for developers to be professional, care about good code, good design, and focus on making high quality, clean and maintainable systems. By sharing my knowledge in the little ways I can, I feel that I can make a positive contribution to the software industry.

Countdown Timer (Free)   

A simple, basic countdown timer that ticks as it counts down. The tick gets more intense towards the last few seconds, the critical section. A buzzer sounds at the end. You can set the total time and critical section of the timer. Click reset to apply the new Settings.

Word Psychic (Free)   

This app guesses the word you are thinking of!

Mind Reader (Free)   

Read minds using math magic! A simple number game that makes you think of a number. After 8 steps the app guesses the number you thought of and your age too!! GO ahead and give it a try to experience the magic for yourself and for your friends. Happy Mind Reading!!

Quotify (Free)   

Quotify is an application where you can add your own quotes. You can tag these quotes with the tags you created in the application. You can view quotes by tag, view the tags in a quote and etc. It also has a quote of the day feature which picks a random quote from your list of quotes and makes it the quote of the day. Maybe something to reflect on for the day. Think outside the box! Quotify is primarily a quotes application but can be used for basically anything that requires classification or tagging, it can be used as a task list manager, recipe ingredients, shopping list and many more, just download the app and EXPLORE NOW!

Easy Billout (Free)   

Easy Billout keeps allows you to keep track and monitor your restaurant bills. This application helps avoid the hassle of, first, having to recheck the bill, and second, having to manually split it among your friends based on their corresponding orders. There are two types of bills. The Simple bill is used when only one person will be paying for the bill. The Simple bill also comes with a quick split functionality wherein the amount is split evenly into a fixed number of people. The split bill is used when the bill will be split and shared among several people. This allows selection of which people will be sharing which particular items and the share of each person is automatically calculated! When a bill is created, it appears in the active bills section. When a bill is in this section, you can continue to add items, people etc. to it. After billout, there is an option to archive your bills for future reference! Archived bills are no longer editable. Features Include: - Easily view current bill items and running bill totals and people shares - Easily add/remove items to a bill - Easily add/subtract quantity to an existing bill item - Easily select which people share which items and the share for each person is automatically calculated - Easily add/remove people to split bills - Easily view which person shares which items and which items are shared by which people - Archive bills for future reference!

Fruit Match (Free)   

The new #FruitMatch for Android is here! Think you got good memory? Take your brain for a ride and put your memory to the test with our easy, medium and hard levels! Download and play for FREE now! Fruit Match is a fun puzzle memory game with bombs on the grid. Your objective is to open and match the fruits in the grid without hitting a bomb. Upon completion of the game, you are presented with you memory score percentage. This app can help improve your memory as well! Enjoy!

Talking Typer (Free)   

TalkingTyper is a speech to text app. It displays various possibilities of what you meant to say and lets you edit as well. Furthermore, it allows you to copy the text to the clipboard and it can be pasted anywhere such as messaging, browser, etc.

For Java Apps, simply run the jar file. You will need JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your computer. You can download it from here

Restaurant Manager   

Restaurant Manager is a simple restaurant management applications. You can use it as a POS application for your restaurant, It has cashier and manager access levels so your confidential business data remains private. You can easily manage multiple tables at a time. It keeps track of your sales as well.


Dictinoary is a dictionary application with over 5000 words built in. You can easily add, remove and serch for words using the application.


Scoreboard is a scoring application for games with multiple rounds. You can dynamically set the rounds, points per round, time per round and number of participants. The total score will automatically be accumulated and calculated. It also has countdown time display for each question and a buzzer rings everytime the count reaches 0.


Bingo allows you to play the game Bingo! It has 75 numbers and the randomly selected number is displayed in a large font and is read aloud by the computer. It also displays the numbers that have already been read out and the numbers that are yet to come.

Matrix Genius   

Matrix Genius is an application that allows you to input matrix data and easily perform operations on it. It also has a built in simultaneous equation solver which allows you to solve simultaneous systems of equations of any user desired size.

Number Systems Converter   

Number Systems Converter is an application that allows you to convert numbers from one number system to another. You can chose between Binary, Octal, Decimal, and Hexa-decimal number systems. You can convert from any of the mentioned number systems to any other one

Complex Number Calculator   

Complex Number Calculator allows you to convert from rectangular to polar coordinates and vice versa. It also allows you to perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with the numbers. It is useful when dealing with calculations involving complex numbers in a+bi form.


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