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I am doing free code reviews because I am passionate about software development and I care about clean code. As a software development professional, I am willing to share my knowledge to current and future software developers to improve our industry as a whole. I am a big fan of Robert C. Martin and I have read a good number of his books from cover to cover. My favorites are Clean Code, Clean Architecture and The Clean Coder. I highly recommend every software development professional to read these books. They are must reads. They instantly made me a better developer.

Software these days has a lot at stake. A lot of people depend on software, for business critical data, for medical systems, even the brakes in your car are run by software! As such, it is important for developers to be professional, care about good code, good design, and focus on making high quality, clean and maintainable systems. By sharing my knowledge in the little ways I can, I feel that I can make a positive contribution to the software industry.